How to choose the perfect bridal headpiece to complement your wedding dress

We like to think of bridal headpieces as the ultimate finishing touch to your wedding day style. Whether it’s a delicate hair vine or a statement tiara, headpieces have the ability to add some sophisticated luxe into your bridal look in a subtle and refined way. But with so many beautiful wedding hair accessories now available - how exactly do you choose the perfect headpiece for your own big day?

Choosing a bridal headpiece comes down to a few different factors, including your hairstyle, the shape of your face and your own personal preferences. But one of the most important elements to consider when choosing your wedding hair accessories is actually your dress!

The style of your bridal headpiece and your wedding dress go hand in hand - they should complement each other and make your overall look flow harmoniously from head to toe. So if you’ve already secured your dream dress and just need to find the perfect headpiece to finish your wedding day look, read on for our top tips to help you find a flawless match!

Consider your dress style

The first consideration to choosing the right bridal headpiece is the overall style of your wedding dress. Have you chosen a bohemian, ethereal lace gown? A classic and elegant vintage dress? Something high-end and couture? Try to define your overall bridal style first, and use this as a guide when selecting your bridal headpiece.

For example, if you’ve chosen to rock an edgy, couture gown, you might want to pair this with a headpiece that makes an equally dramatic statement, like our Gracie diamante bridal tiara. Or, if your overall look is relaxed and boho-inspired, a simple but beautiful hair vine like our Antoinette or Sofia might be a better fit. Once you’ve defined the overall style of your dress, it will become much easier to select a headpiece that aligns!

Choosing a bridal headpiece

Consider your dress shape

The actual shape and fit of your dress is another important consideration when it comes to choosing the perfect bridal headpiece that will complement your wedding look from every angle. Choosing between a bridal tiara, hair vine, hair pin or hair comb might come down to something as simple as your hemline.

For example, if you’ve chosen a dress with a low back, a beautiful hair comb like our Adalyn or Lola can be a beautiful touch positioned above the nape of your neck to highlight the cut of your gown from behind. Or, if you’ve selected a dress with a higher neckline, a rhinestone crown like our Elizabeth can help to balance this out and add some depth and detail into your look from the front.

Bridal headpiece ideas

Consider your dress colour

What is the underlying hue of your chosen wedding dress? Is it crisp white, pale ivory, or even a soft pastel tone like lilac or blush? The colour of your wedding gown is another factor to keep in mind when selecting the perfect hair accessory to match.

If your wedding dress has warmer undertones like cream or blush, it’s best to complement this with a gold or bronze wedding headpiece. Alternatively, for gowns with cooler hues like stark white, grey or lilac, a silver hair accessory might be a better fit.

Bridal headpiece ideas

Gown by Hayley Paige

Bridal headpiece ideas

Choosing the perfect bridal headpiece to match your wedding dress is simple when you know what to look out for! It’s important to consider the style, fit and colouring of your dress before making a final decision on your wedding hair accessories.

If you’re still feeling stuck, head over to the Simona Bridal blog to see some more bridal headpiece ideas, or get in touch with our team with any questions - we’d love to hear from you!